Sudden Toilet Leak in Mira Mesa Home Results in Quick Water Damage Repair

At Fast Affordable Restoration, we deal with everything from massive flood cleanup in San Diego to minor repairs in Mira Mesa. It can be a heartbreaking situation to tell a homeowner that the cost and time to repair a serious problem will be higher than expected. Most of the time, we are able to handle the situation in a shorter timeline than expected, saving our clients valuable money. 

One such excellent situation happened recently in a water damage repair Mira Mesa call. We had a client reporting a sudden leak from the toilet bowl that raised a few eyebrows in our office. We always get a little cautious with toilets because hazardous waste can be a consideration. However, this was kind of the ideal repair when it comes to the lottery of what can and can’t happen in a home. 

Water Damage Restoration Mira Mesa

We sent our expert team member Mate Lane to go and assess the situation. The client has reported a need for water damage fix Mira Mesa involving a broken toilet. When we arrived, we were able to confirm that parts of the toilet in the home had gotten old and brittle, cracking around the rubber and seal and causing leaking. 

This is one of those early catches because the leak was sudden. The owners could easily see there was a problem when water started coming out of the toilet on its own. This was partly because of the seal issue and because the fill valve and flapper were not able to close properly, but nothing from the messier parts of the toilet – so no sewage clean-up in Mira Mesa. This was a massive relief for Mate!

 We started by shutting off the water to the toilet lines and removing any liquid from the fixture. This took a little bit of time because we wanted to be sure that there weren’t any other leaks or damage to the porcelain. It would be a bit unprofessional to make repairs and then get a call a few weeks later because we missed a minor crack that was causing more issues. 

There was no need for any dehumidifiers or construction work. Even though we follow the standards set by the California Building Standards Commission, it is nice to get a call every once and a while that doesn’t require such efforts. Instead, our team member focused on replacing the toilet fill valve, flush valve, and flapper assembly. He was also sure to inspect the connections once the water was turned back on so that there was a quality seal. 

This was only a day repair that not only set the minds of our clients at ease but also meant better utility bills. The leak had been happening so much that it was actually raising their water bill. This was because the fill valve was broken and causing the toilet to keep trying to fill when there wasn’t a need for extra water.  

It’s a good idea to sit back and wait for your toilet to finish filling after you use it. Maybe once every few months, just hang out in there and brush your teeth or check your hair in the mirror while you wait to be sure it is shutting all the way off. A little extra few minutes in the short term could save you massive repairs later on.

old fill valve assembly
new fill valve assembly

Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Mira Mesa?

We should be clear that this was about as good as you could hope for in a water leak situation. Of course, no one wants to deal with any repairs around the home. We all have busy lives, careers, families, and social situations to get back to. That is why we like to remind our clients from all over the San Diego area to call whenever they think there may be a problem.


You never know when a small stain on the ceiling or a tiny amount of water beside the refrigerator could mean a much bigger issue is only a few days away. The best possible scenario is to catch these problems before they are able to leak into the walls, floors, ceilings, and appliances of your home.


That is why you should reach out to our expert team at Fast Affordable Restoration whenever you suspect an issue. You can call us today to set up a free estimation, so you are better prepared for any costs or time it may take for your project. We work with water, fire, smoke, and mold damage and are happy to discuss any other needs you may have. As an IICRC Certified Firm, we have the experience you need for a quality outcome. Give us a call today!

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