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At Fast Affordable Restoration, we are experts at crawl space cleaning in San Diego. Our crew has been working with homeowners for decades, and we've seen it all. If your home is plagued by a wet crawl space, we can help you get it back under control with our comprehensive approach to removal, remediation, and water damage repair in San Diego.

When it comes to your crawl space, the only thing worse than not having one is having one that's in disrepair. It's a small area that can be difficult to access, but it provides an ideal environment for mold, mildew, creatures, bugs, and so much more to grow if not properly maintained. 

The good news is that there are professionals who specialize in working with small and hidden crawl spaces like yours! Our team is ready to help make sure you get the most out of your limited space while avoiding potential problems like mold and mildew.

Installing Quality Materials & Vapor Barriers

Installing quality materials is essential for any wet crawl space homeowners choose to clean. When installing a vapor barrier, you want to ensure that it meets the requirements and standards of the California Building Standards Commission and is impermeable. It should also have a high vapor permeability, so it doesn’t trap moisture within the crawl space.

A common mistake people make when finding a crawl space water damage restoration solution is regular plastic sheeting instead of actual vapor barriers. Plastic sheeting can be punctured and torn by sharp objects like nails, screws, or tools that are dropped into the crawl spaces during construction projects such as framing or flooring installation. This allows water vapor from inside your home to escape into your basement, attic, and walls.

A Simple Process

If you need to properly clean and dry your crawl space, there is a simple process we can follow to get the job done. We keep things easy to understand, so every step is transparent. Our clients prefer a company that takes the time to outline the problem, offer a reasonable solution, and perform the work right from the beginning. That includes:

Finding the Source of the Water

To find the source of moisture and determine how to treat it, we will need to investigate where your crawl space is getting wet. There are several familiar sources of water intrusion:

  • Water leaks from plumbing pipes, rain gutters, or other sources of precipitation into or through the foundation wall and soil.
  • Penetrating roof leaks that have not been addressed can be another source of water in a crawl space environment.
  • Improperly installed flashing around vents or chimneys.
  • Wind-driven rain can easily penetrate these areas and enter through cracks and crevices in the foundation walls as well as through gaps underneath doors leading down into a crawl space area.

Clean Up & Dry Out

Once we have removed the water and debris, it's time to clean up and dry out. This is a crucial step! If you don't dry out your crawl space, mold can grow in the wet area. Mold spores can then spread throughout your home (which is bad news for your health). That is why we use industrial-level equipment to carefully remove any wet materials, dry out any permanent structures, and eliminate moisture from every possible area of your wet crawl space clean-up.

Attention to Details - Mold, Stains, and Moisture Detection

To ensure a thorough and effective clean-up, we need to pay attention to the details:

  • Mold: You might think this is an obvious thing to look for—but it's important that you know what kind of mold is in your crawl space and where it came from. If you have a lot of moisture or water damage, there's a good chance that mold could be growing on your walls or flooring.
  • Stains: It may be hard to see stains on the ground because they're so dark, but take note of any discoloration in the flooring material or wall panels as well as any residue on them. These stains could point toward a bigger problem, like water damage repair in San Diego.
  • Moisture Detection: To determine if there is any moisture present in these areas beneath your home, our moisture detection devices and water leak detection ensures a safe and healthy environment.

A Leading Wet Crawl Space Clean-Up Crew

Our team has extensive experience in the crawl space industry. We have worked on properties where mold, mildew, and other contaminants have been present for several years. We also work with clients who need to mitigate the effects of a flood or water damage due to a burst pipe or storm event. In addition to this, we have extensive fire restoration knowledge that allows us to help homeowners repair their homes following fires caused by lightning strikes and electrical malfunctions. If you need help cleaning up after smoke damage or fire damage at your home or business, contact us today!

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion before you commit to any major project. If you are looking into having your crawl space cleaned up or if you have questions about how it can be done, contact us today, and we will provide a free consultation. That way, you have the peace of mind to shop around. When you are ready, we are more than happy to get started!

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