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Chula Vista Fire Damage Restoration

Chula Vista is in the top ten largest cities in Southern California. Meaning beautiful view, this city is most known for its diverse culture and scenic location. With beautiful weather year-round, you can go visit the parks and beaches even in winter!

This Chula vista home owner called us after a fire in their home. When we came, we saw that the fire had not only affected the kitchen, but the smoke from the fire had also affected the rest of the house. Like many house fires, this fire started because of a stove burner being left on. First and foremost, we wanted to make a plan of action. We knew we needed to clean the entire house and do some demolition in the kitchen, but were not yet sure if the fire had affected any electrical or plumbing. 

We started by removing all of the cabinets in the kitchen and any drywall that had been affected by the fire. We also had to remove some carpet in the adjoining rooms due to smoke damage. Then, we continued on to clean the remainder of the house. We used a couple different cleaning agents and tools all in accordance with IICRC Standards, and all were very effective. During the cleaning we had to remove and replace all of the ceiling fans in the house because smoke smell is impossible to completely remove from machinery. Many times the smell will seem like it has been removed but when the machinery heats up it starts smelling again.

While the cleaning was going on, we began working  on the kitchen. Since we had already removed cabinets and drywall, we moved on to cleaning and installing new drywall. After we had finished the installation, we applied new paint and reinstalled all of the appliances that had had to be taken out during the demolition. Luckily, the fire did not affect the electrical system or plumbing, so we didn’t have to replace any pipes or wiring. A separate HVAC contractor was hired by the owner to clean the HVAC system and replace any damaged parts.

At last, we were finished repairing this home. In all, we cleaned, did demolition, installed drywall, and cleaned some more! The owner was very happy with the work we had done.

Fire smoke can be one of the easier types of smoke to clean up if the majority of what was burned was wood products. Candle smoke is much more difficult to clean because the wax in the smoke makes it slightly water resistant. Cigarette smoke is also tricky to clean because the nicotine in it sticks to walls and ceilings, and it shows as a yellow-ish color. Also if there are a lot of plastics or other synthetics burned the smoke is much more toxic and difficult to remove. 

No matter the cause, you always want to avoid any type of smoke damage if possible. It can be very harmful and dangerous if breathed in because smoke particles can penetrate your lungs, causing a whole other range of problems including chronic heart and lung diseases.

 If you would like to learn more about how Fast Affordable Restoration can help your Chula Vista location, request a free estimate or give our team a call. We are an IICRC Certified Firm qualified to handle water damage, fire restoration, smoke removal and mold damage. So reach out today and let us take care of that smoke damage! 

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