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San Diego truly is a magical place. With beaches, mountains, forests, and beauty all around, it does a good job of living up to its nickname, “America’s Finest City”. Unfortunately, leaks are not-so-fine.  When this owner in the Southcrest neighborhood of San Diego called us about a wet floor with no seepage from the ceiling, we went to investigate. 

As we examined the wood flooring with moisture meters, we noticed that it was extremely wet. We then learned that there were water pipes underneath the house. When we further examined we guessed that one of the water pipes must be leaking. There were not many other possibilities for the moisture in the floor.

When we took further examinations, we learned that we were correct. This leaking pipe was under the subfloor. The pipe had a pinhole leak, and had been spraying water for a while unnoticed. It had been leaking long enough that floors over the pipe would sag when walked on. Everything in the area of the leakage was soaked.

To start fixing this mess, we pulled up the floors over the wet area and found that the drywall underneath the flooring was drenched thoroughly. After pulling up all of the flooring in the affected area, we examined the ground underneath and found the leaking pipe. To fix a pinhole leak in a pipe there is a simple remedy. You cut out the affected area of the pipe, and replace it with a new piece of piping. 

After the plumber fixed the pipe, we started the work of removing and replacing all the damaged flooring. Since we had already ripped out most of the flooring in the affected area, we only had to install the new flooring. We laid down a  plastic sheet that will serve as a vapor barrier. Next, we placed polystyrene insulation on top of the plastic to keep it safe from punctures. Then, we installed a subfloor using plywood. After that, we installed the flooring according to what our clients wanted to use.

When everything was said and done, the owners of the property were very pleased with the work we had done and were glad they had called when they realized something was amiss. The pipe under the house had been leaking for a very long time and had done a lot of damage, but luckily we are prepared for the worst, and have all the tools necessary to fix up your home. 

Sometimes a plumber can’t find where the water is coming from. We are experts at finding leaks when there is moisture to follow.If you have any concerns about water damage in your San Diego location don't hesitate to call Fast Affordable Restoration  where you can request a free estimate  . We are an IICRC Certified Firm qualified to handle water damage, fire restoration, smoke removal, and mold damage. So give our team a call and let us take care of that water damage!

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