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Your washing machine is essential to the daily operations of your home. Getting the laundry done on time, all the time is critical. You need clean clothing for everything, from your partner’s next in-person business presentation to your kiddo's soccer jersey for the big weekend tournament. Unfortunately, when this home appliance goes rogue and spills water all over your property, you could end up paying high restoration prices to multiple contractors, all from something as simple as a broken or leaky pipe. The good news is Fast Affordable Restoration is here to help. We can provide you with professional washing machine flood damage cleanup services at excellent prices and within a short timeframe.

24/7 Professional Washing Machine Flooding Services

Part of the problem is that your washing machine can go at any time, night or day. That means you need a water damage mitigation company that can send out a worker when you need them the most. You do not want a minor malfunction to lead to inner wall electrical issues or soak through structural elements of your home.

Give us a call today and let us handle this washing machine flood damage situation sooner than later.

A Local Team Qualified for Your Project

At Fast Affordable Restoration, we maintain our current California licenses and certifications, so you get the peace of mind working with our team. That includes being skilled in fixing water damage situations from floods, extreme weather, poor construction of water systems, and so much more. We work quickly and efficiently to mitigate any future damage to carpets, rugs, drywall, and other structural elements because we want to ensure as little fertile breeding ground for mold and mildew as possible.

That includes using HEPA air filtration systems on our dehumidifiers and integrating industrial fans to completely dry out the area first. We are happy to triple check our work with moisture detectors and follow the guidelines and regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission. Our expert team works directly with insurance companies, offering professional estimations and assessments that speed up the process of reimbursement.

Restoring Your Home After a Washing Machine Flood

We understand the unique use of “grey water” from your washing machine. This is neither water used as part of the sewage system or drinkable for residents. It is water that can easily lead to mold damage and potential structural issues if left unchecked and repaired. That is yet one more reason why we focus so much on the sanitization and complete drying out of your property. As an IICRC certified firm, we feel a strong obligation to provide exceptional service and customer relationships at every turn.

For us, it is simple:

  • Receive call for our water damage mitigation services
  • Turn off the water flow
  • Dry out any items and materials as thoroughly as possible
  • Assess moisture levels
  • Find the cause of the connection or leak
  • Rebuild and replace where necessary

Tips to Prevent Washing Machine Overflow

If you are concerned about having your washing machine suddenly breakdown or get disconnected and spill water all over your laundry room, try following these tips:

  • Do not overstuff your washing machine. Create even loads with some loose space inside your machine.
  • Do a self-check on your pipe and drain connections to ensure everything is in working order.
  • Consider installing a water alarm near your washing machine in case it has leaks in the future.
  • Use quality detergent to avoid suds and bubbles that can easily come out of your device during a cycle.

Work with Local Water Damage Mitigation and Repair Experts

Of course, if you do need more help with your washing machine flood damage, give our expert team at Fast Affordable Restoration a call. We have spent years working directly with insurance companies and providing detailed estimates of the scope of work and costs associated with any repairs. 

Stop wasting time trying to do everything by yourself. Rely on the expertise of our local company, which has the industry know-how, modern tools, and experience on the job to get a quality solution for your next washing machine flood damage cleanup services. 

Give us a call today for your water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal needs. We look forward to serving your location with exceptional customer service and reliable repairs for your washing machine flood damage. 

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