January 17, 2022

Is Mold Bad for You and Your Well Being?

Why People React to Mold

Why is Mold bad for you? Well Mold has Mycotoxins on the spores and hyphae which are mechanisms that help defend fungi against other microorganisms. Physicians think that the mycotoxins produced by fungi have negative health consequences on humans. Mycotoxins are proteins on the outside of the cell walls that affect whatever they touch. Think of it like poison ivy. If you are allergic and touch it, there will be a reaction on your skin. If you ingest it, it will cause a similar reaction inside your body. More basic facts about mold here.

Common Mold Reactions

Is Mold bad for you if you are allergic? Some common mold reactions are  headache, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, Itchy eyes, nose and throat. This is what happens if you are near it and breathing the air around it. If you accidently eat mold you will MOST LIKELY be okay. However some people have more adverse effects than others so you still want to be careful. If you eat something moldy, DON'T CONTINUE EATING IT! More information on eating mold here.

What to Do If You See Mold

Is Mold bad for you if you can see it? Don't Panic! Try to see why the mold is growing - If it is on plastic or glossy paint, (like in a bathroom) there is a chance that it is just using moisture and dead skin cells to grow. Pick up a mold killing cleaner and wipe it down before it gets any worse. If the mold is growing on wood or drywall outside your bathroom, chances are there is an unknown source of moisture that the mold is using to grow. This is a great time to contact us.

Is mold bad for you? Yes!
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