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Fast Affordable Restoration in La Mesa

Most of the time, our water damage mitigation team works with local homeowners and apartment management companies that need quick repairs or assessments. However, occasionally, we get either a business or a unique property that demands a bit more careful consideration before agreeing to take on the project. For example, when a local church requests services to fix water damage, we snap into action. We know it will require more than usual to get the organization up and running again quickly because a church is essential to the culture and personality of a community.
That was precisely the issue when a local La Mesa, California church gave us a call. Not only did they need our reliable and trusted water damage restoration services, but they also needed them completed in as little time as possible so it would not interrupt their essential duties and community outreach programs, mass, or other scheduled events.

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Let the Experts Take Care of It

We sent out Armando Leon, who reassured us the damage from a leaky pipe near the church's bathrooms was the cause of the water damage. Luckily, it had not gotten so bad that we could not complete the work in the background by sealing off the bathroom so we would impact the overall services of the church as little as possible.

Armando was able to assess where the leak originated and had to shut off water to the church to complete the project. We worked on getting the pipes back in order first so the water could be turned back on for the church kitchen and water fountains. Usually, we would follow a different procedure, but again, we didn’t want to interrupt every day scheduled church events.

Water Damage Repair

Part of the repair water damage project involved tearing out the affected drywall and old piping where the leak originated. We always must be careful here because any missed leaks could lead to a higher risk of mold or mildew in the future. That could be extremely dangerous to this church client because there are visitors of all ages, including babies who are more susceptible to mold exposure.

We brought in industrial fans to dry out the area and taped off access to the bathroom so none of the building dust would affect the rest of the church. Again, we needed to be done quickly with as little effect on the visitors, and that required some fast removal and water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration

We also paid close attention to the area behind the affected drywall. This was not an older church, but for La Mesa, it involved some pipes and equipment that needed triple-checking because they were not relatively modern. It's important to use current repairs for older buildings and organizations like churches that may not have the operating expenses to conduct extensive repairs in the future. That durability factor is crucial for planning.

Armando went beyond and above for this client. He removed all water-damaged drywall and materials and then installed new drywall, careful to match the same color, so it looked like a seamless repair. Whenever we do projects like this, we closely follow the guidelines and regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission. A church has to follow stricter code guidelines than a private home, and we work hard to achieve this success, so there are no violations to worry about.

Looking for Water Damage Repair in La Mesa?

The pipe leak project took us 7 days to repair, even with the extra effort to work faster than usual. Between the water leak origination, concern for building durability, and installing new materials, we worked hard to ensure a quality outcome. Hopefully, this church is well equipped to manage without the concern for leaky pipes well into the future.

It helped that our church client reached out sooner than later. Had this leaky pipe gone unnoticed for an extended period, the final repair could have been much more challenging and time intensive. We are grateful the experience and high professional standards of Armando were able to be applied to the repair so the church could be back at 100% operation quickly.

If you are worried about a potential pipe leak or anything else related to water damage mitigation in the La Mesa area, reach out to our expert team. Fast Affordable Restoration is an IICRC Certified Firm that offers free estimations of what it will take to handle your project. So, give us a call today for your water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal needs. We look forward to serving your location with exceptional customer service and reliable repairs. 

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