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Water Damage, Fire Damange, Mold, and More Can Threaten the Structural Integrity of Your Home

San Diego is well known as one of the surfing capitals of the world. Between the endless beaches, warm climate, and incredible food choices, life in this city is a welcome destination for young college students just as much as older retirees. While that sounds like an incredible experience anyone would enjoy, there are still everyday worries about those ocean storms that can cause severe damage to your home, apartment, or rental location. A single downpour could ruin your investment if you are not careful.
That kind of water damage was exactly what happened to one of our recent clients over on 32nd Street in the 92104 area that needed a capable team of water damage restoration specialists. What looked like an incredible little bungalow where people could relax from the busy life of a career and family turned into a significant concern with potential structural issues that can get expensive quickly.
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Water Damage Restoration - San Diego, CA

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The Home Damage Restoration Process

The moment we heard from our San Diego client; we knew this would be a big project. That is why we dispatched three different team members with the expertise and knowledge to assess and begin the repair water damage process. That included Armando Leon, Rafael Aguiar, and Jason May. Each of these exceptional workers has communicated with insurance in the past and understood what would be required to complete the work.


The immediate problem with this San Diego home was water leaking from more than just the roof. There was also water coming in from around the windows. From the moment our team arrived on the scene, we let the client know this would be a time-intensive project. It wasn’t that the damage could not be repaired. It was also that careful consideration would need to be taken to ensure no structural damage risked the safety of their home.


We began by informing the client of the estimated time to finish the project and that we would need to shut down some electrical and water services in our working areas. This is because the water damage had gotten in between walls. Not only the drywall was soaked but also some structural elements, like door jams, window frames, and deck floors made this one more dangerous since the structural integrity was compromised.


We brought in industrial fans and dehumidifiers with air quality filters to dry out the space. We also carefully removed any fabric materials that had been affected (carpets, rugs, etc.). Once that was done, it was time to evaluate what structural issues would have to be addressed. The immediate concern was to get on the roof and seal any leaks from up top.


After that, our team went into overdrive, replacing structural frames and sills around the windows to stop the leak from getting in that direction. We used moisture detection devices to triple-check behind any drywall or other structural parts that may have been affected but might not be showing damage.


We had to haul away quite a bit of drywall, wood, and other elements. Leaving anything in place during this water damage restoration would have risked mold and mildew build-up, which can be highly dangerous to residents in the future. Then we set our minds on starting the rebuilding process. We always follow the guidelines and regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission whenever we begin a project.


It is not uncommon to get projects like this fix water damage call from San Diego. Most of the time, we can be finished with a project in 1-3 days, but this required a bit more focus. To say the photos of this project do not do it justice is quite an understatement. Whenever there is a roof leak, water can soak in between joists and framing, which can lead to severe structural damage in the future. That is why we insisted on having three of our team members on the scene to recheck their work at every opportunity.

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Quality Water Damage Restoration and Mitigation in San Diego

Even though this project required more effort and longer duration compared to other projects in our past, we were more than happy that everything went off without a hitch. By the time the home was fully restored and habitable, our San Diego client could not have been more appreciative. Successfully finishing projects with such extensive damage is always a good feeling.

Anytime you may think your water damage is coming from roof leaks or around your windows, you should immediately call our team. If left untreated or repaired, water can soak in between your walls into electrical fittings and other areas, which can lead to structural damage and potential fire.

We always advise our clients to reach out to our team at Fast Affordable Restoration as quickly as possible for all water damage, fire damage, mold, or other issues that require a capable team. We are an IICRC Certified Firm that offers free water damage repair estimations for any sized project. Give us a call today and let our expert and professional team members mitigate your water damage, fire restoration, and mold removal needs.

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