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The Key to Quality Fire Damage Restoration

Homes all over the world are susceptible to potential smoke and fire damage that can devastate a family and their financial resources. Dealing with the aftermath of a once warm and inviting home can be emotionally challenging, and that is why you need to work with professionals who have direct experience returning your beloved residence, business, or commercial building as close to normal as possible.
That is where we can help. At Fast Affordable Restoration, we utilize the latest industry standards and custom equipment to help you and your family return your home to a safe and secure space. Our expert team works by rebuilding fire-damaged homes, carefully attending to those details you remember using architectural, remediation, and engineering innovations. Let us give you a quick overview of mitigating fire damage restoration costs by looking into the process a little closer.
house on fire

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

We use emergency fire cleanup services in San Diego to return a fire and smoke-damaged home to a pre-loss condition. This can take a significant time, and we do our best to plan every step we take, so you are not surprised by unwanted complications. During our fire damage repair, we will integrate services like:

  • Boarding up segments of the property for safety concerns
  • Demolition and reconstruction services
  • Cleaning up debris from the building and surrounding foliage
  • Odor and soot removal
  • Clean out contents
  • Safe disposals of hazardous materials like lead and asbestos
  • And more.

The main problem is that fire and smoke can often damage items that cannot be replaced. That is why we partner with local providers to ensure your property is restored as close as possible to the pre-loss condition.

The Potential Dangers of Smoke Damage

Even if your family only experienced a small fire due to a latent piece of firewood or an accidental candle being left on, smoke could still cause significant damage. Smoke stains and odors can pose a significant risk if left without remediation. Our fire clean-up services include properly handling the smoke damage throughout your home to ensure no toxic residues are left behind, and your family is safe.

The last thing we want is hidden smoke damage to cause electrical, paint, or furniture issues in the future. That is why you need our expert team to evaluate how pervasive the damage was throughout your home and offer an actionable plan to fix handle proper fire restoration.

What is the Fire Damage Restoration Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question because every home will be different. Our reliable and competitive quotes are based on the extent of the fire damage, what it will take in rebuilding a fire damaged house, and the scope of debris removal. Our process is straightforward and trusted by local San Diego residents and follows the basic outline:
repairing ceiling


We will come to your location to assess the scope of the job and offer a trustworthy quote. This will involve confirming the property is safe to enter and evaluating how extensive the damage, cleanup, and restoration are likely to be.
Securing a Fire House


Once we have agreed on a price and timeline, we will begin by securing your property and removing debris around the structure. This could include putting up fencing, boarding up sections of the structure, tarping, or sealing areas to prevent further weather damage.
removing drywall


Our team will begin to remove damaged drywall, flooring, and other materials, as well as your personal items from the structure. This is also when we get a better look at any potential water damage leftover from the fire department or exposed pipes.
clean up from fire damage


This is the most time-intensive part of the fire restoration because it requires manual labor to clean the property from smoke stains, odors, and fire damage. This often includes removing soot, debris, and cleaning hard-to-reach areas like ductwork.
construction in the home


When everything else is complete, and the bones of your structure are ready to be restored, we take action to rebuild your home from painting drywall to replacing a roof. It is a truly rewarding experience to watch a home return to a pre-loss condition.

Where to Get Started

If you are living in the greater San Diego area in need of fire damage repair, call our expert team at Fast Affordable Restoration. We have a proven track record of working with local contractors, fire departments, and industry experts to ensure every bit of the fire restoration process is completed to the best possible outcome. We look forward to partnering with you and returning your family to a safe and secure living situation.
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