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Get a Free Mold Inspection from Leading San Diego Experts

San Diego is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. With pristine powdery sand beaches and a mix of cosmopolitan and cultural events, there is no surprise why people come from all over to experience the incredible lifestyle in our fair city. The only problem is all of the rain, exposure to water, and moisture in the air can lead to dangerous mold around your home. This is especially true if you have experienced a recent flood or extreme weather event.

At Fast Affordable Restoration, we offer tailor-made free mold inspections for your entire home property. Our experts will look at hidden mold under carpet pads, possible roof mold removal, and consider the best way to handle mold damage repair. All of our team members have been properly trained to deal with the safe disposal of these substances, so you and your family stay safe.

Why Do I Need to Worry About Mold?

Mold builds up inside of a home because of moisture and reproduces incredibly fast due to tiny, lightweight spores that travel throughout the air. This exposes you and your family to small amounts that can be harmless at first, but gets extremely dangerous the longer you are near the substance. Mold is most often found in areas where you have had flood damage, leaky pipes, unsealed windows or doors, or anywhere else where a lot of moisture can accumulate over time.

When dealing with mold, there are some essential factors you need to remember:

  • Do Not Handle it Yourself - We are experts in restoration mold water damage and have been through the training and certifications necessary for safe mold damage repair. This often requires equipment and materials that you do not have access to keep yourself safe. 
  • We are Experienced - Our reputation for safely removing mold from wood structures and other materials sets us apart from the average homeowner. We understand how this substance will change with growing patterns and material penetration, as well as how to remove these dangers from your home.
  • Unchecked Mold Will Grow - Even if you think you have cotton every bit of mold out of your home, a single missed patch can lead to giant issues down the road. It is always best to call in our professional team to get the job done right from the beginning. 
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Are Your Free Mold Inspections Actually “Free?”

Yes! We are not like those fly-by companies that upsell and convince you a problem is bigger than it needs to be. We have plenty of business to keep us busy and value our reputation too much to waste your time or money. A significant portion of our clients come from referrals made by satisfied customers.

We perform a free mold inspection designed to target eh source of spores and smell. Our professional mold removal team has experience working with home restoration due to fire, water, and extreme weather situations. That means we have spent years working in dangerous and challenging repairs, including mold removal.

When we show up at your location, we do a visual examination and use moisture meters and thermal cameras to take a deep look into your property. This can include identifying any water damage where mold can thrive, musty odors that signify humidity or moisture collection, and any water intrusion into your home from your walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, and openings. If testing is needed, we can refer you to an environmental specialist who can take samples of microbial growth or air samples to determine where mold might be thriving.

At the end of our inspection, you will receive a no-pressure estimation of what it would take to handle your professional mold removal and mold damage repair. We work with clients that often request quotes from multiple companies and have no problem throwing our hat into the race because we know we offer superior service at competitive pricing.

Where to Get Started

To schedule your fair, no-obligation, free mold inspection, give us at Fast Affordable Restoration of San Diego. We are certified experts in repair, mitigation, remediation, and safe mold removal from around your home. Our professional team will help your family get back into a safe and secure living environment so you can go about your day without the worry of latent mold spores floating around your home.

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