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Smoke Damage Restoration

We do restoration discoloration and odor damages done by smoke on different surfaces and can be harmful for your health.

Fire is very destructive to a home, along with the damages caused by fire, it also brings along smoke damage. It damages surfaces and also causes health problems with bad air quality. It is bad enough to even consider damages done by smoke as a separate category from damages done by fire.

The damage done by smoke often involves the discoloration of surfaces from a layer of soot and has a persistent odor that doesn't seem to go away, and in some cases can be suffocating with prolonged presence in affected areas. 

Smoke is the carrier of soot, and soot is mainly carbon powder as a result of burning. When smoke propagates within a home, it can enter very small spaces and cracks such as electrical outlets, spaces between switches. Depending on what was fueling the fire, some smoke can carry melted materials that can be characterized as rubbery, sticky, or greasy.


Smoke Damage


Different types of smoke cause different types of damages. Often times a burnt structure will be replaced along with the smoke damage it created. But for areas that are not burned down, but affected by smoke may need to be treated depending on the type of smoke damage. Here are a few of the most common types.

Dry Smoke Damage

What is it?
Created by the quick burning of paper or wood in high- temperatures and will appear as fine powdered soot.

Fixing Details
Since this does not smear on surfaces when wiped, it is typically easy to clean when visible. The challenge here is being a fine powder, it can fill up gaps, cracks, go between patterns of rough surfaces, that continue to carry the odor of smoke. But any professional restoration company should be able to eliminate the odor well.

Wet Smoke Damage

What is it?
Caused by the slow smolder burning of plastic or rubber in low temperatures where the smoke coming from the flame is distinctly darker than other smoke that also carries a strong smell unique to burning rubber or plastic. Some people have described this odor similar to a skunk.

Fixing Details
If dry smoke damage is one of the easiest to clean, wet smoke damage is the opposite as it is one of the hardest to clean since the residue is thick and sticky. And because of it's stronger odor and difficulty to clean, the odor tends to still linger around even if most surfaces appear to be clean already. 

Fuel Smoke Damage

What is it?
Sometimes called Oil Smoke Damage or Petroleum Smoke Damage, it is caused by the burning of fuel. The smoke is also darker like in wet smoke damage, but fuel smoke residue tends to travel further away than wet smoke. The residue that comes with the smoke is greasy.

Fixing Details
Being greasy, water-based products tend to repel from grease and oil, so special solvent products are used to dissolve the grease for proper cleaning.

Protein Smoke Damage

What is it?
This is caused by the burning of food or any organic material. Fires that cause the protein smoke are often the result of a kitchen accident. This smoke can cause permanent discoloration of wood surfaces, vanished or painted and has an intense odor.

Fixing Details
Because of permanent discoloration, often times the damage here involves replacement or reconstruction of various house structures or simply repainting these surfaces.
Smoke Damage on Tile

The Fast Affordable Restoration Service Benefits

The sooner the restoration process begins, the less likely your property will sustain further damage. Once safe, we recommend that you open all of your windows to begin the process of removing smoke and soot from your house. This is critical since both contain potent and dangerous carcinogens that can have a detrimental effect on your health.

During the fire and smoke restoration process, the power and gas should be turned off until repairs are completed, since broken electrical components provide a risk of shock, and leaking gas can cause further damage.

Fires can compromise the stability of a structure, making it possible for it to fall at any moment. Simply for this reason, skilled, expert restoration services are required to maintain the property's safety.

Our 24-hour emergency service enables us to have a technician on-site within minutes after a fire, and we are capable of handling even the most severe fire and smoke damage. Our whole staff is adequately qualified in all facets of fire repair, which means we understand how to meet your individual needs.

Soot / Smoke Damage on Wall

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Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fast Affordable Restoration takes a 1-2-3 approach to recovery following the steps below during fire cleanup and damage restoration process.
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Our team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you just have questions, we are ready and willing to be a resource for you.


Our trained, certified, and experienced technicians will guide you by inspecting your property to determine a plan of action that suits your needs.
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We offer a complete array of fire and smoke damage restoration services designed to help repair the damage, eliminate the smoke odor, and help return the home to its original state. 

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