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Professional Marijuana Grow House Clean Up and Restoration Services

California has long been at the forefront of marijuana use in our daily lives. While the vast majority of residents use marijuana in extremely small doses for medical treatment, stress relief, or recreational practice, some others try to undersell the legal market with homegrown batches of plants. Even though you can grow and cultivate up to 6 living marijuana plants in your own private residence, the after-effects of this hobby getting out of hand can be devastating to your resale value.

Illegal marijuana grow houses have been cropping up all over the city and surrounding areas. This can result in significant odor damage that outprices even the most destructive earthquake or flood. Think of it this way, dealing with the leftover odors of chemical additives, weed-killers, fertilizers, and off-gassing can be just as expensive as lead remediation or whole home asbestos abatement.

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Why are Marijuana Grow Houses Clean Ups so Challenging?

As marijuana use becomes more practical and legalized, black-market growers are abandoning their projects in rental properties. Unfortunately, this leaves local San Diego landlords with an expensive and time-intensive mess to handle. Why is this so bad?

  •  Ventilation Issues - cannabis grow operations often involve sealing up ventilation, air conditioning, and adding electrical and water lines to an indoor location. This leaves a lot of openings where water can get in during extreme weather and cause structural damage or mold.
  •  Humidity - growing plants in your home at the level of black-market suppliers creates a ton of humidity. This also leads to the fatty terpenes used in the production to float in the air and stick to walls and other surfaces, creating fungal buildup, extreme odors, and staining.
  • Pesticide Hazards - most marijuana grow houses are designed for profits, not for the safety of buyers. That means you get chemical residues floating in the air or on the structure of your home.

There are plenty of other reasons why these grow houses create a need for professional odor removal and safe restoration providers. When you are dealing with a marijuana grow house clean and restoration project, it is better to leave the hard work to the experts like our team at Fast Affordable Restoration. We have the experience and equipment needed to cut the costs of odor removal services and get your home back to living quality.

How Do You Help with Marijuana Grow House Clean Up?

The good news is that our team understands this problem because we have dealt with professional odor removal from homes with growing issues, extreme water damage, mold, and fire damage before. We have learned the tips and tricks you only get after spending years perfecting your skills.

Everything begins with one of our professional team members visiting your home and evaluating the size, scope, and extent of the damage. From there, we can create a strategic plan for the safe, professional odor removal, clean up, and restoration process. We will offer a no-obligation quote at competitive prices so you can get your home or rental property back in full operation.

Our services often include:

  • Complete home disinfection with cleaning or replacing ductwork, HVAC, and other essential systems.
  • Safe disposal of toxic mold and spores throughout your structure.
  • Restoration of structural damage, including drywall, floorboards, and other issues from moisture, chemical, or odor damage.
  • Decontamination of all areas of your home.
  • Partnerships with local trusted providers for detailed work beyond the scope of our project.

Why Shouldn’t I Do it Myself?

We always think it is excellent that a homeowner is motivated to do work on their own property. The only reason we suggest not trying to manage marijuana grow house clean up and restoration on your own is because it takes experience and skill. This is not something you can learn on a quick YouTube video and do on your own without risking missing mold patches, exposure to chemicals, or potential harm to your family in the long run.

Working with a team of experienced professionals like us at Fast Affordable Restoration is your best option for safely handling marijuana grow house clean up and restoration. We have the expertise, equipment, and technology to evaluate, clean, and remediate your home into a welcoming living space for you and your family.

Give our expert team a call today and schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you move on from this issue and enjoy your beautiful San Diego home once again.

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