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Drywall Water Stains Lead to Mold Growth Inside

Life in Carlsbad is one of the most rewarding situations because you are so close to incredible beaches and outdoor activities that many around the world envy. Residents living close to the ocean are no strangers to water damage restoration Carlsbad projects. There are many natural causes of humidity and moisture around the home that can lead to more significant problems if left unchecked. There are also a lot of man-made issues that cause clients to reach out to our expert team at Fast Affordable Restorations.
One such case was a recent repair by a resident on La Gran Via in Carlsbad in the 92009 area. Their carpets kept getting wet in different living areas, and they did not know the cause. They requested to have our experts come out and take a look. The goal was to put an end to the moisture that was causing an overgrowth of mold.
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Water Damage Restoration Services in Carlsbad, CA

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Our Process

We sent out our water damage Carlsbad team led by Armando Leon. The problem here was not that water leaking from the ceiling was causing an issue, but that there was a broken drain system causing water to soak through and create drywall damage. As a result, moisture was moving from the leaky pipes to carpets with more than 99% moisture inside them and then working its way up walls, causing mold damage. 

The immediate concern was to stop any more water from continuing to soak the carpets. We worked closely with the resident to ensure turning off the water would be okay as we conducted our repairs. After that, the big issue was getting all of the moisture out of the home. We introduced dehumidifiers and began to rip up carpets that were beyond any kind of restoration efforts. 

Part of our water damage clean-up involves looking at structural issues. When we began to cut away drywall, we pointed out some minor wood rot Carlsbad location issues to the resident. It was not enough to have to replace any wood, but it did cause us to introduce mold encapsulation with treatments. Armando was able to replace all the affected drywall, remove the mold areas, and replace the carpet, as well as fix the primary issue of the leaky sink pipes. 

When everything was said and done, the resident was more than pleased with our water mitigation company in Carlsbad. Armando went back through all the areas with water damage. He confirmed nothing beyond normal moisture levels was present. We prefer to double-check that the home is be safe to reenter. 

All in all, this was a 4-day repair with some drywall reconstruction being completed. All of our repairs were built to code and followed the regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission. We probably could have completed the work a day faster, but once we discover mold growth happening in multiple rooms, we take our time to ensure it cannot get any further. One patch left unchecked can quickly become a much more significant issue down the road. We take too much pride in our work and reputation to let that happen to any of our clients. 

Being this close to the ocean, we did not want to risk added humidity or moisture creeping into those areas of concern. It is always amazing how much damage can come from a simple leaky pipe if left unfixed or unnoticed for too long. Our resident only began to see a problem when the moisture and mold became visible to the naked eye. If it wasn’t for that, this could have been much worse. We are happy they called us at Fast Affordable Restorations when they did before it got out of hand. 

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Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Carlsbad?

Local residential properties have many causes of water damage. While the weather is usually picture-perfect, those occasional storms can cause Carlsbad flood damage. There are also plenty of common accidents or building issues that can lead to water damage, especially in rooms or areas not as frequented by homeowners. You are best served by giving our expert team at Fast Affordable Restorations a call in those cases. 

We will send our experienced technicians to see what is causing the issue and provide details on how long the repair will take. We work hard to mitigate any water and mold damage as quickly as possible while also addressing the underlying cause of the problem so it cannot happen to your home ever again. 

If you would like to learn more about how Fast Affordable Restoration can help your Del Mar location, request a free estimate or give our team a call. We are an IICRC Certified Firm qualified to handle water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal. So reach out today and let us take care of that water damage!

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