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Fast Affordable Restoration in Chula Vista

Living in California is a highly rewarding experience. You get fantastic weather and every ecosystem you could ever want to visit. The point is you go outside of the home for these journeys. No one wants to come home to find water all over the floor and damage as if one of those rare California storms had formed and exploded in their bedroom, living room, nursery, or other common places of water damage. Once water damage in Chula Vista homes is discovered, it is often too late, and the issue has gotten way out of hand.

That was just the case in a recent project we provided water damage clean-up for over on Bonita Road in the 91910 area of Chula Vista, California. Our client reached out because there was water all over the floors of rooms it should never be inside. The worse part was they had cement floors. There was no place for the water to go but into their carpets and walls.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Chula Vista, CA

We immediately sent over one of our team members, who made an assessment of the apartment to find the source of water damage and how extensive of a repair it would need. In no time flat, our expert technician, Matt Lane, was able to detect the source. There was a serious water leak from the apartment bathroom, sending water from the bathroom to the adjoining bedroom and master suite.

Surprisingly, things could have been much worse. As Matt moved through the apartment to assess the moisture damage, he quickly discovered drywall water damage near outlets and along areas that could have escalated the situation. There was even water seeping through the concrete floor of the apartment. Had they been on anything other than the first level, they would have had water leaking through the ceiling as well.

Everything began by shutting off the water first and informing our clients that it would be 2-3 days of work and they would not be receiving water to their restroom. This was an apartment complex, so we coordinated with the local maintenance team to ensure everything was done according to their rules as well.

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Let the Experts Take Care of It

Once the water was turned off, it was time to tear out some drywall. As a water damage restoration Chula Vista company, we are pretty used to ripping away drywall from these types of scenarios. Whenever water damage is this extensive, there is almost always mold or wood rot Chula Vista home damage to assess.

We also needed to tear out any wet and damaged carpets so no future mold would grow once our repair had concluded. We brought in industrial dehumidifiers to dry everything out and triple-checked for wood rot and mold throughout the repair. After everything was safely dried and the damage was removed, we addressed the main problem.

Water Damage Restoration
Chula Vista

Matt was able to repair the leak on his own. That meant we could turn the water back on, much to the relief of the client, and focus on installing new drywall. Whenever we do projects like this, we closely follow the guidelines and regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission. The last thing we want to hear about is one of our projects not being up to code.

Matt finished off the drywall installation and added a coat of paint to match the apartment colors. Finally, he went back through everything with a moisture detector to ensure no leak was present and all the damage had been appropriately handled. We like to verify our work as a water mitigation company in Chula Vista. This is one of the reasons we have so many return and referral clients.

Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Chula Vista?

All in all, it did take us the 3 days we initially estimated, mostly because it took quite a long time to dry the apartment out and handle the damaged drywall and flooring issues. That is all part of our expertise. We have dealt with everything from Chula Vista flood damage to an accidental faucet being left on overnight.

In all cases, we always address the source of the water damage first to it cannot happen again in the future. Then it is just a matter of using our experience and professional team members to restore the property back to proper working order so our clients can go on with life as usual.

If you need a reliable company to handle everything from water leaking from ceiling to water damage from a storm, we have you covered. Fast Affordable Restoration is an IICRC Certified Firm that offers free estimations of what it will take to handle your project. So give us a call today for your water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal needs.

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