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Simple Pipe Leak in Home Causes Flooding Damage

Our team at Fast Affordable Restoration always finds it fascinating and a little sad when a small problem goes unnoticed for too long and causes a massive repair. In most cases, it has nothing to do with the awareness of the client. It is simply a poor instance of luck that a burst pipe, broken shingle, or overlooked stain on the wall has a much more sinister meaning. In the recent case of a Mission Valley home in the 92108-area code, that is precisely what happened. 

We cannot stress enough that issues like the water damage repair Mission Valley incident should always be addressed as soon as possible. If you suspect anything is leaking around your home, apartment, or business – please contact our team sooner than later. Even a single day can make a massive difference in the potential cost and time of your repair. 
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Water Damage Restoration Mission Valley

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The Home Damage Restoration Process

When we first heard about the water damage fix Mission Valley project, we were surprised at how much water had gotten into the home. Even though this wasn’t a major, it still felt like a flood cleanup in Mission Valley. That is probably because there were spots throughout the home that had pans underneath constantly dripping water areas in the ceiling. 

We sent out our experts Armando Leon, Rafael Aguiar, and Vinni Beltran to go and assess the home. Everything began by shutting off the water source. There was so much water that we needed to immediately put an end to any more getting into the walls, floors, and various furnishings. We always do our best to explain to a client how long we anticipate a repair to be so they know when they will have water again.

Eventually, we found the culprit to be a pipe leak in the ceiling that was getting water into the insulation and dripping down the walls. This effectively soaked the drywall and caused damage to the wooden floor laminate. Luckily, there wasn’t sewage clean-up in Mission Valley as well because the amount of liquid was so extensive that it could have required hazardous waste precautions.

Our expert team snapped into action covering essential appliances and bringing in industrial fans and dehumidifiers to remove any moisture throughout the home. Next, we carefully tore out any fixtures, drywall, insulation, and flooring that were damaged by the water leak. We are proud of the various precautions our Fast Affordable Restoration team takes to ensure our clients' health and safety. In addition, we follow current standards by the California Building Standards Commission so that we know our job is done right from the start. 

It took a full 6 days of active drying to remove all the moisture from the home. That is a massive amount of water damage that usually is only seen during a flooded basement in Mission Valley, or something similar. Once we had removed all the damaged materials, it took only an additional 3 days to make repairs and get everything back in working order. 

We spent a bit of time doing our due diligence on this project. There was so much water that we wanted to be sure no mold or structural issues were going to pop up in the future. Once we were satisfied, we buttoned up the project and matched the paint so that the final look and function impressed the client. 
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Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Mission Valley?

This project example is precisely what we try to warn all our potential, current, and previous clients about regularly. The risk water poses to a home, especially when it gets into the nooks and crannies of the walls, floors, and ceilings, is immeasurable. You never know if it will mean an expensive or easy repair. 

The best way to avoid spending too much on repairs is to reach out to a qualified team like ours at Fast Affordable Restoration as soon as you can. When that first sign of potential water damage is detected, you are far better served by calling us first. Even if it is nothing more than an accidental stain from a previous resident, the peace of mind is more than worth the phone call. 

Trust our experienced IICRC Certified Firm with your next water damage project and give us a call today. Fast Affordable Restoration offers free estimations of your potential project so you don’t waste time or money worrying about something that may be a quick and easy day fix. We also handle smoke, fire, and mold damage for your convenience. Thank you for trusting our team at FAR!
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