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Minor Dishwasher Leak in Home Leads to Major Kitchen Restoration

Ramona is an excellent location to find a quality home outside San Diego's skyrocketing prices. Even though you’re a little further from the coastline, you probably host a lot of friends over for relaxing evenings or are raising a family. In all those cases, having a quality dishwasher to handle the numerous leftover plates, glasses, and silverware from a regular dinner is essential to time management. So what do you do when your reliable machine causes water damage Ramona home issues?
It takes very little for a dishwasher to get clogged up or experience hardware issues like a faulty pump, leaking water value, or broken hose clamps. When that happens, your small water leak can turn into potential wood rot Ramona home. That is why it is essential you reach out to our professional team at Fast Affordable Restoration sooner than later, so the leak is managed quickly before it gets out of control.
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Water Damage Restoration Services in Ramona, CA

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The Home Damage Restoration Process

We had a recent client in the city of Ramona contact our expert technicians. They were in significant need of water damage restoration Ramona services because of the water actively leaking from the back of their dishwashing machine in the kitchen. By the time we arrived on the scene, we could already see visible water leaking from behind the machine and onto the floors and cabinets. 


The first step was to remove any water damaged building materials and bring out our industrial-strength fans and dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from the kitchen. The last thing we wanted was for the situation to escalate and mold to develop in the walls or under cabinetry. We also shut off water service to the kitchen and made sure to work with the client to ensure they had a plan in case the project took longer than expected, which it luckily did not. 


Now the actual water damage clean up could begin. We pulled out the dishwasher and started following lines throughout the kitchen. Our goal was to replace any lines that looked like they needed repair to ensure no future leaks. We also cut away parts of the cabinet to get near the flooring. Water can pool underneath certain floor materials, which can also lead to dangerous mold. We wanted to mitigate that potential risk as soon as possible. 


Safety and family protection are enormous priorities for our team at Fast Affordable Restoration. Part of the reason we have so many referral and return clients is that we pay strict attention to details, including following the California Building Standards Commission regulations regarding restoring any location whether the source is Ramona flood damage, storm issues, or a common water leak. 


By the time our professional water mitigation company in Ramona was able to safely handle the leak and clean up the area, most of the materials around the cabinets and kitchen area were able to be salvaged. This lowered the cost of repairs to our Ramona client, which they were extremely pleased to discover. 


We also spent a great deal of time making sure the cabinets and new construction materials matched the rest of the kitchen. We know what happens when wood or drywall water damage can cause an eyesore in your home. We always do our best to match colors and styles when making any replacements. 

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Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Ramona?

This was actually a lucky situation for our Ramona client. The water damage hadn’t matured to wood rot or mold, and we were able to get to all the areas where water had pooled. While no one wants to deal with a leak around their home, especially in the bathroom or kitchen, it is always good news to catch it before it can worsen. 


This is why we encourage all of our clients to call us if they suspect a leak. Many of the pipes and connections in our homes are behind construction. We likely will not notice the issue until there is visible damage. However, contacting our team at Fast Affordable Restoration once you think there is an issue helps you avoid significantly more expensive repairs, mold, or other concerns. 


If you want to experience a professional, dedicated, and experienced IICRC Certified Firm working with water damage Ramona issues, then request a free estimate from our team at Fast Affordable Restoration. You can also call us directly to discuss any concerns you may have. With years of experience and the tools to get the job done right, we are your leading resource for water, fire, smoke, or mold damage. Give us a call today, and let’s get started! 

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