Emergency Plumbing

We offer emergency plumbing services in San Diego and surrounding areas.

From Crisis to Calm

There is no way to avoid the usual wear and tear on your water fixtures and pipes in your home. At some point, you will probably have to repair a toilet or fix a garbage disposal just because they have been used so many times. These are more minor issues that most families can handle on their own or know a friend that can offer a quick repair.


What we do at Fast Affordable Restoration of San Diego is a bit more extensive. Our expert team of industry-leading professionals works with severe emergency plumbing situations like flood cleanup services and flood cleaning services. These are more than the annoying midnight drips of water coming from the master bathroom and ruining your sleep routine. These are serious threats to your health and well-being that need immediate attention.

What to Watch Out For

There are some tips and tricks we want to offer to help you identify a problem before it requires extensive emergency plumbing repairs.

Extreme weather
The greater San Diego enjoys a pretty optimal climate, but that does not mean we won’t see a freeze or sudden extreme storm. Keep a close eye on the weather report so you can prepare your home ahead of time.
Sagging Ceilings
Any time you see drywall or stucco beginning to crack or sag could mean you are about to experience flooding damage. We often see this in apartments or multi-floor homes. This is why we offer such in-depth flood cleaning services because once that ceiling goes, the water affects everything.
Low Water Pressure
If your showers are down to a trickle instead of the usual high pressure you typically have, you could be experiencing a broken or loose pipe that is leaking water into your home.
Water Stains
Any brown staining on your walls or ceiling could indicate a greater plumbing issue.

Our Process

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Our trained, certified, and experienced technicians will guide you by inspecting your property to determine a plan of action that suits your needs.

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We offer a complete array of restoration services, designed to help you recover with a focus on returning your property to pre-loss conditions.

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Aránzazu Mancisidor Cruz

Types of Emergency Plumbing Services

We work in home restoration, which is often caused by extreme events like fires, floods, natural disasters, and unforeseen weather. When families experience these situations, a single leak can often turn into a catastrophic issue in the home. If left unattended, this type of flooding can lead to chemical release, biological contaminants, potential electrical shock, toxic molds, and more. Even worse, high or standing water can often damage the structural integrity of your building, leading to expensive repairs down the road.

We have the experience you need to safely shutdown appliances, pools, Jacuzzis, water heaters, and other pump bases systems, so they are not damaged during our evaluation. The major benefit to working with our team is we have plenty of experience identifying the source of an issue and finding an affordable repair, whether in-wall plumbing or foundation work.

Swift Solutions, Lasting Relief

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it never hurts to give our office a call. We can ask the questions you need to ensure your safety and will send out an expert in the event we suspect our flood cleanup services are going to be required.

Our team will safely handle the disposal of items, reconstruction of walls and plumbing fixtures, safe removal of toxins or molds, and so much more. We want to get you back into a safe and secure home as quickly as possible.

When you need emergency plumbing services from a local expert, you need Fast Affordable Restoration. Our experienced technicians are ready to take your call and transform your home back into a warm and inviting space once again. Let us be the partner you need in these extreme situations.

Service Areas

We are continuing to gather some of our past work in each city and asking permission to be featured on our website. If we have worked with you before, and you wish to be featured on our website, feel free to contact us.

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