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Fast Affordable Restoration in Oceanside

If you live in Oceanside, California, salt, sand, and water are ordinary in your everyday life. This is one of the significant surfing capitals of the world, with local legends contributing to all kinds of popular media. With Oceanside being so well known for its beaches and welcome waves, there are frequent tourists, leading to a lot of beautiful little bungalows and homes that require maintenance and repairs.

One such recent water damage Oceanside situation popped up with a client needing immediate help right before the holidays on December 22, 2021. There was an issue of mold growing behind a toilet in the bathroom which would not work well for visitors during the season.

Home Restoration Oceanside

We sent over our expert team of Armando Leon and Matt Lane to help this resident out. You have to keep in mind that our water damage restoration Oceanside services were occurring right before Christmas and during the height of the global pandemic. This poor resident on Old Ranch Road in Oceanside was dealing with a lot of stress from the timing and pandemic concerns. They did not need the added complication of water leaking from ceiling or other areas of their home.

When we could get inside the location, we quickly discovered the root cause was a leaking toilet in a bathroom. Water was coming out of an area where the resident could not see and causing drywall water damage that was beginning to cause mold in the area. This is part of the problem of dealing with water damage clean-up. We are often not called until something is visible. Water can sneak into so many areas of the home that it can end up being much worse. The resident was lucky to find the problem as early as they did.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Oceanside, CA

Even with that quick detection, we still had to remove and replace the drywall behind the toilet. That involved bringing in some dehumidifiers and HEPA-safe vacuums to ensure everything was clean in the area. Armando and Matt took their time to get rid of anything with mold growing on it so it would not come back in the future. We are a water mitigation company in Oceanside that is determined to completely eradicate mold whenever it shows up so our clients can rest easy.

Process Photos

Let the Experts Take Care of It

We were really proud to hear from the resident about how well our team restored the wall. Not only did they replace the drywall and fix the underlying issue, but they also matched the existing texture and color elements of the paint called Orange Peel. The owner told us the space looked like nothing had ever happened, even to the point of the original knockdown shelf being replaced and reinstalled on the wall. 

Fast Affordable Home Restoration

That is exactly the kind of water damage clean-up service that helps our team get so many referrals so we can grow and help other residents with their Oceanside flood damage or leaks.

This was a pretty quick repair up to the regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission. We took care to stay safe during the pandemic and make our clients more comfortable. We had them back at home and happy before the holidays kicked off. With so much water damage affecting the drywall area, this situation could have gotten a lot worse. We were happy the result was efficient, timely, and above the client’s expectations. 

Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Oceanside?

There are so many different types of home styles and unique situations in places like Oceanside because of its proximity to the beach. We often have to deal with wood rot Oceanside issues or other more complicated repairs that it was a relief to handle such a straightforward repair for this client.

If your home is experiencing an overabundance of moisture or you begin to notice mold, brown spots in the drywall, or cracks in places with water seeping through, you should give our team at Fast Affordable Restorations a call sooner than later. You do not want this situation to go untreated and lead to cost-prohibitive repairs down the road. The sooner you can resolve these issues, the easier the repair and less time spent waiting for your water to be turned back on.

We welcome all kinds of inquiries, from small apartments to beautiful beachside hideaways. No matter your job, we have a solution. If you would like to learn more about how Fast Affordable Restoration can help your Del Mar location, request an estimate or give our team a call. We are an IICRC Certified Firm qualified to handle water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal. So reach out today and let us take care of that water damage!

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