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Fast Affordable Restoration in Santee

Water leaks are a hidden danger inside the home that often go unnoticed. Over time, that small amount of water leaking from the ceiling accumulates, causing structural damage and wood rot. Before you know it, the drywall along your ceiling can become totally soaked. The wetter it gets, the heavier the drywall, until you are sitting down to use the restroom only to have part of the ceiling collapse nearby.

This is exactly what happened to one of our clients, Ann Andrews of Santee, California. Luckily, she did not try managing all the water damage clean-up on her own and gave our team at Fast Affordable Restoration a call for help.

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Home Damage Restoration

When our water mitigation company in Santee received the call, we kicked into gear to solve the issue. We sent out Vinny and Matt, two of our expert team members, to assess the extent of the damage and what needs to be repaired. When we entered the condo, we could immediately see the urgency of the situation.

The first thing that we did was turn off the water so the leak would not cause any more damage to the home. This required Ann to change her schedule up a bit as we needed to keep the water off until the entire repair was over. It is important to remember that plumbing issues often mean your home will be without running water. That can be a challenge for larger families that have busy schedules. While we always do our best to lessen this time as much as possible, we like to prepare our clients in case something else comes up.

Ann connected our team with a fantastic insurance adjuster named Robert from USAA. We gave him a complete report using our years of experience, and her home insurance covered most of the costs to get the bathroom back to a usable state. It was a pleasant experience working with Robert because he understood how common water damage is in most homes. All in all, it was a pretty painless process and what you would want to happen, given the extent of the damage.

Water Damage
Restoration Santee

It is never fun to see homeowners dealing with water damage in Santee, and we were pretty happy the situation only took a few days to repair. When water gets into those areas behind walls and drywall, things can be a lot worse.

We started working on the water damage in Santee by cleaning up the area using a HEPA vacuum to reduce any dust from getting into the rest of the condo. From there, we began removing any damaged drywall still on the ceiling and any structural wood exposed to too much water. If you leave drywall water damage unchecked, you can end up with a bad case of dangerous mold, and that is the last thing anyone wants to deal with at home.

Our repair required some minor plumbing to seal up the leak and ensure the rest of the area was working correctly. Then Vinny and Matt turned their attention to putting in a few 2X4s and drywalling the ceiling back up. By the end of the 3-day repair, we had a wonderful fixed ceiling with the water back on and running for Ann to enjoy.

From Ann’s Perspective:

"I had no idea what was happening and am incredibly grateful for Matt and Vinny. Not only were they able to fix the entire situation, but they also gave me some excellent tips on what to watch out for in the future to avoid any other water damage around the house. These guys did an exemplary job - they were artists! My condo looks perfect. Like it never even happened!"

Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Santee?

We come across clients like Ann on a regular basis. Unfortunately, water can go unnoticed for a long time before disaster strikes, and the end result is never fun to deal with. If you are in the same boat as Ann and need a professional water mitigation company in Santee, give our experts at Fast Affordable Restoration a call. We have the expertise to help clean up and repair water damage to your home. Our team has worked with everything as small as a leaky pipe, like in Ann’s case, to handling extensive Santee flood damage after a storm.

You can request an estimate on our site or give us a call directly to start work. We are n IICRC Certified Firm qualified to handle water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal. So connect with us today and let’s get your home back into a safe and secure state so you and your family can get back to normal.

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