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Home with Bathroom Water Leak Causes Mold on Walls and Floor in the Adjacent Rooms

The biggest problem with a water leak is the hidden damage that you never know is present until you work with a professional. What may seem like a minor repair can quickly turn into a much more complex situation when water leaking from the ceiling or walls begins to affect other room areas. Pretty soon, you are faced with a much more challenging problem to manage that can escalate costs faster than expected.
We recently worked with Shaun, managing his water damage Del Mar location on Mira Montana Street. This client thought a few cracks in his bathroom tile may be a problem and a reason behind the moisture build-up in his home. He gave our expert team at Fast Affordable Restoration a call to assess the situation.
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Water Damage Restoration Services in Del Mar, CA

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The Home Damage Restoration Process

When our water mitigation company in Del Mar team arrived at Shaun’s home, we were directed to the bathroom. There, we discovered water had leaked from the bathroom tile cracks and began to seep into the walls. Not only did this cause drywall water damage inside the bathroom, but the water had spread to the drywall in adjacent rooms. As a result, mold had begun to build up along the trim and baseboard. There were also sections of carpet in the room that were completely soaked through.

Luckily Shaun gave us a call because it could have been much worse if left unattended any longer. We explained we would need to shut off the water for a bit. We always try to give our clients a head’s up as to how long we expect water damage clean-up to take so they can plan out their schedule accordingly. It is a little hard to get ready for work if you do not have running water.

Our team included Rafael, Armando, Matt, and Vinni. We change which experts to send over depending on the work involved. In this case, we wanted to be sure we could address all water damage restoration Del Mar needs for his location. That included addressing mold concerns and replacing large sections of the room's structure. 

We began to remove any damaged drywall and put in dehumidifiers, heaters, and treated some areas with anti-mold solutions to ensure it was correctly encapsulated and handled. You always want to mitigate mold and water damage quickly, so there is nothing left over to grow later or affect electrical systems within the home.

Once everything was safely out of the home, we began to replace drywall and deal with the damaged carpet in certain areas where the owner, Shaun, wanted to keep that feature. We also addressed the original tile and floor cracks that had led to the issue in the first place so it would not happen in the future. 

All of our repairs were built to code and followed the regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission. This was one of our bigger repair jobs for water damage Del Mar properties lasting about 11 days. The water had gotten into so many areas that it was similar to what can happen in Del Mar flood damage situations after a significant storm.

While the damage took a while to repair, we were happy that there was not any wood rot Del Mar issues. Water can begin to degrade the quality of building structures, especially when left untreated for an extended period. All in all, this was an excellent end result that we were happy to help Shaun with so he could move on with his life and get back to normal.

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Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Del Mar?

There could be many reasons for the leak in Shaun’s home to start, but it certainly didn’t help that some of the water attachments, like one for the bathroom toilet, were not correctly installed. This was a ticking time bomb that any resident of Del Mar can experience because of poor work from the home builder, shifting structures over time, or simply an aftershock that cracks tiles. 

No matter the cause, we’ve got you covered. At Fast Affordable Restoration, we have the expert team you need to mitigate any water damage throughout your home. Our professionals will come to your location and get to work, so your home is safe and ready to be used as quickly as possible. 

If you would like to learn more about how Fast Affordable Restoration can help your Del Mar location, request a free estimate or give our team a call. We are an IICRC Certified Firm qualified to handle water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal. So reach out today and let us take care of that water damage!

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