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Water Leak from Bathtub Causes Ceiling Damage in Home

Everyone enjoys a long hot tub after a day’s work. Being able to come home and relax in our bathrooms should be a simple activity. Unfortunately, one of our previous customers in Encinitas, California, did not get that peaceful situation. What should have been a regular occurrence of soaking in a tub led to a potentially serious situation. These are precisely the types of water damage clean-up situations we always say you need to address sooner than later before they become much worse.

We had a recent call from a beautiful home on Sea Village Cir. In Encinitas in the 92007 area. The client reported water leaking from their ceiling, and it appeared the tub may be the issue from the floor above. We immediately sent out one of our team members, Matt Lane, to go and offer an expert assessment of any water damage Encinitas home.
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The Home Damage Restoration Process

When Matt arrived at the home, it became apparent the owner was 100% correct. Not only was there water damage seeping between the sealant from the tub and drywall, but it also was the cause of water leaking from the ceiling. You could actually see the separation from where the tile work had been completed on the wall on the outside of the tub enclosure and the bathroom's flooring. That meant anytime water happened to go over the tub's rim when our client would get in or out, it had no place to go but down.

We are pretty happy our client called when he did. These kinds of situations are what water damage restoration Encinitas companies like ours specialize in fixing. Water will naturally find every nook and crack around a structure to go into. If there is work completed on your home that is not properly sealed or installed, water is likely to make its way right through and potentially cause severe damage.

When Matt, our expert technician, updated our team about the situation, he was more than confident he could complete this repair on his own. Usually we would send over one to three more workers, but the owner was able to catch the problem early enough to avoid an extensive repair process. 

We began by following the water path to ensure it was the root cause. That included cutting into the ceiling drywall from the floor below and checking for wood rot Encinitas home damage. After we opened it up, we immediately saw how extensive the hidden damage had become. 

The continual leak of water from the tub above had led to mold growth inside the ceiling. We brought out some dehumidifiers, filtered fans to dry out the entire area, and removed any mold while encapsulating the rest. We are always on the lookout for wood rot Encinitas home damage. 

Once everything was safely removed and handled with the appropriate equipment, we began to fix the cause of the issue. Matt sealed up the area the water was coming through in the bathroom and addressed any other plumbing leaks from the tub itself. This way, there would not be any future issues. 

After that, it was just a matter of fixing the drywall water damage by installing new drywall and mud to the regulations set by the California Building Standards Commission. Then we were able to apply a coat of paint that matched the original ceiling color, and that was it. Again, we were lucky this was only a one-man job.

Everything was able to be cleaned and repaired within a day. The owner could have been in much more of a serious situation because the water damage was dangerously close to some wiring that was in the ceiling. Had that been affected, this could have been a disastrous outcome costing a lot more time and money for everyone involved. 

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Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Encinitas?

Most of the time, these are the issues we deal with as a water mitigation company in Encinitas. The vast majority of our clients catch the problem before it becomes a bigger repair. However, we do see clients with Encinitas flood damage from a bad storm or an aftershock that shakes a few things loose in the home. 

In some cases, people will go on vacation and forget to shut off a leaky faucet or leave a garden hose running that is up against the home. That almost always results in a far more extensive repair project that no one wants to deal with. We were ecstatic Matt was able to handle this project effectively and efficiently, as was our client! 

If you think your Encinitas property is experiencing a leak or water damage is starting to creep into odd areas, give us a call. At Fast Affordable Restoration, we encourage our clients to reach out as soon as possible, and our IICRC Certified Firm will offer a free estimate. We are experts in water damage, fire restoration, and smoke removal. Our team is ready to help your property!

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